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Annova Solutions brings the best of both the worlds to you. With deep experience of its leadership team of working with big organizations across the globe and nimbleness of the...
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Machine Learning

Accurate, timely and efficient Training your machine learning algorithms is key to deriving the expected... Read More

HR Services

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Project Case Studies

Sales Support for an Australian market place for Business Loan

We set an end-to-end offshore sales support team, process and strategies that is driving $20 M funding till date for 500+ businesses, relationships with 3,000+ businesses and more.

Image Annotation for an AI/ML Partner

Image Annotation is not only crucial but also the heaviest task in the process of building a successful AI/ML model.
We work with the client to reduce the go-to-market time while reducing cost, improving quality and initiate quick ramp up.

Provider Outreach for US Analytics Company

We brought about a considerable cost reduction for the client, by helping them reduce their operating cost by 40% without compromising on the quality.

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