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What we offer

US Healthcare Services


We deliver top-tier Risk Adjustment coding solutions encompassing Medicare programs (Parts C & D), Commercial (ACA), Medicaid CDPS, and HEDIS measures, among others. Our team of subject-matter experts includes certified coders with diverse healthcare backgrounds, including physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. Annova has successfully coded millions of charts with an impressive accuracy rate of 95% and above. Annova sets the standard for accuracy. Our unmatched completion rates in Medical Record Retrieval, Medical Billing and Coding drive superior clinical and financial outcomes for your organization. 

AI/ML Operations


Our 99.9% accurate Human-in-the-loop approach reflects our expertise in data annotation and attention to detail, thus enabling the development of robust AI and ML models.  We employ data annotation which involves tagging raw data, such as images, videos, text files, audio data and so on, with identifiers or labels that give meaning to the data improving AI and ML performance.

Digital BPO

FOR Digital transformation

We transform businesses by providing BPO services to achieve organization-wide impact. With clear communication and transparency, we drive remarkable results through our expertise, domain-specific calls, and AI-enabled processes. Our deep industry insight drives transformative solutions, ensuring successful outsourcing.


Records Retrieved

Charts in One Session



Million Objects

Million Images



Funding Secured for Australian SMEs

Australian SMEs assisted for Business Finance Needs

SMEs Interacted within Australia

Continuous ROI, Multiplying Value 

Realising returns through multidimensional risk adjustment.

Annova Solutions is a BPM 4.0 company powered by four core pillars: Data and Digital, Deep Domain Expertise, Talent Innovation, and Security & Compliance. With superior talent, cost-effective delivery, and cutting-edge technology, we exceed customer expectations.

Data and digital

We have the right NLP Engine Training, Etymologists – led annotation, and most importantly – Intone with Accent neutralization and Chat GPT-driven automation.

talent innovation

As the BPM industry evolves at a rapid pace, talent innovation becomes critical. Annova’s leadership team comprises of a group of impressive individuals who have experience leading complex, large-scale projects for Fortune 100 companies in the US, UK, Australia, and Asia Pacific. They are a team of dreamers, doers, and visionaries with global exposure.

domain centricity

We are focused on Healthcare, and we are the biggest player in Healthcare in our region. We have a team of trained medical professionals, Pharmacists, and Etymologists, all working in tandem to make sure that payers and patients never face any issues.

Security and compilance

For us this is non-negotiable. We believe this is best addressed by skill and the right competencies, especially in medical coding. So, we are SOC Type 2 Certified, ISO 20007 Certified,  HIPAA compliant experienced team who have ‘been there, done that’ across some of the biggest corporates in the world. We have a laser–like focus on delivering business results and we are proud to say we have been successful

What makes us special

Beyond Ordinary

At Annova Solutions, success is not just a goal—it’s a journey fueled by our unique modus operandi. When you choose us, you embark on a transformative five “T” journey where innovation meets precision, and success becomes a shared story. 

Technology Focused on Transformation

We use AI/ML-assisted techniques for accent-neutral calls and employ client labeling tools to enhance model performance.

team design

We combine the strength of leadership, subject matter experts and frontline teams to maximize outcomes while reducing costs.

talent management

We host a team of professionals from diverse backgrounds like healthcare, medical coding, and financial consulting among others.


We meticulously track metrics that align with business goals such as model performance uplift, inventory reduction and retrieval time that help us make informed decisions and achieve the targets.

team training

We believe in continuous improvement and strive for quality with consistent training. Our self-designed training material including live scenarios provides our team with tools for success.

Leadership's global exposure

Our leadership has led complex, large-size projects for Fortune 100 companies in the US, UK, Australia, Asia- Pacific and EU.

deep customer support expertise

We provide omnichannel support to clients in the US/UK/Australia/India & provide quick, customized solutions.

Compelling value proposition

Our location and lean operating structure coupled with high-quality output create unparalleled value for our clients.

World-Class Client Experience

We have a stellar track record of client satisfaction and sustained growth with our existing clientele.

Ability to handle scale & complexity

Our diverse team and exceptional delivery model can effortlessly handle complex deliveries at scale.


Partner with us to improve your business outcomes and enhance efficiency. 

Annova Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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