Optimize financial outcomes by enhancing member satisfaction, supporting care appropriateness, and ensuring regulatory compliance. We assist in providing accurate compensation, improving performance, and achieving value-based care goals, particularly in the challenging landscape of HCC coding with limited staff resources.

Risk Adjustment Services

As a leading provider of risk adjustment services, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of health plans, provider
groups, ACOs, and other healthcare entities. Our vendor perspective encompasses a range of services designed to optimize revenue, reduce
administrative costs, and enhance overall performance.

Retrospective Risk Adjustment: Our retrospective risk adjustment solutions leverage logic-driven clinical algorithms to identify and validate
incomplete or inaccurate claims data through meticulous medical record data reviews. By uncovering valuable diagnosis codes not originally
submitted, we empower plans to maximize revenue potential while ensuring accurate risk assessment.

Concurrent & Prospective Risk Adjustment: With our concurrent and prospective risk adjustment services, we proactively identify gaps in care,
assessment, and provider documentation using advanced data analytics. By equipping providers with actionable insights before patient encounters,
we facilitate improved risk score accuracy and streamlined documentation processes, ultimately enhancing efficiency and reducing administrative

Data Aggregation and Submission Support: We offer comprehensive support for data aggregation and submission, including seamless
integration with EMR systems for enhanced data analytics and regulatory compliance. Our expertise enables us to identify potential coding
discrepancies and facilitate accurate submissions, thereby mitigating audit risks and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Natural Language Processing (NLP): Our innovative NLP technology accelerates and streamlines risk adjustment coding efforts by leveraging
machine learning algorithms to analyze large volumes of medical records. By optimizing the skills of professional coders and prioritizing coding
opportunities based on HCC potential, we enhance accuracy and efficiency in coding processes.

HEDIS Chart Abstraction Service

We provide specialized HEDIS chart review and abstraction services in accordance with the NCQA guidelines. With rigorous quality assurance, we deliver timely, precise data with 95%+ accuracy.

HEDIS domains and measures support achieving

Effectiveness of Care

Access/Availability of Care

Experience of Care

Utilization and Risk Adjustment Utilization

Health Plan Descriptive Information

Measures Collected Using Electronic Clinical Data Systems

Membership Management Services

We optimize every touchpoint to maximize member satisfaction and empower payers to enhance retention. We are committed to driving loyalty through member delight while allowing payers to scale and boost revenue.

Provider & Member Communication Services

We reduce communication gaps through timely query resolution and administrative support driving enhanced access, improved adherence and resource optimization.

Record Retrieval
We specialize in delivering advanced Record Retrieval Services designed to streamline processes and reduce costs for our clients. Our solution is all about enhancing efficiency and minimizing expenses while ensuring seamless access to vital medical records.
Our cutting-edge Record Retrieval Services encompass a comprehensive range of features, including web-based retrieval, aggregation, indexing, and secure storage of medical records. We excel in fulfilling high-volume record requests with minimal disruption to providers and their office staff.
Annova’s approach to Record Retrieval is marked by flexibility and precision. We deploy a variety of technical capabilities to meet providers’ preferences for retrieval methods and accurate record location. By offering multiple retrieval options across our extensive database, we provide valuable insights critical to meeting retrieval goals while minimizing provider abrasion.
Through our client-facing platform, clients can track requests in real-time, access detailed notes and alerts from our retrieval agents, and efficiently manage post-retrieval project workflows. Our innovative use of artificial intelligence technology enhances project efficiencies and empowers our dedicated healthcare chart retrieval team.
Key features of Annova’s Record Retrieval Services include:
Provider insights: Leveraging industry data and our extensive database, we ensure accurate provider matching and up-to-date location preferences.
Configurable retrieval process: Our solution allows for optimization and prioritization of provider requests through configurable processes for various retrieval modes.
Client-facing platform: Our intuitive client retrieval portal enables real-time tracking, detailed communication, and streamlined project management.
Central record repository: Records are securely stored within our centralized medical record repository, facilitating easy search and download for multiple organizational needs.
Range of applications: Our expertise spans various purposes, including HEDIS reporting, Star Ratings initiatives, commercial risk adjustment, RADV audits, and clinical chart reviews.
Experience the difference with Annova’s Record Retrieval Services, where efficiency meets cost-effectiveness without compromising on quality or accuracy.


Partner with us to improve your business outcomes and enhance efficiency. 

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