Compliance and Revenue Integrity

Compliance and Revenue Integrity

Do you fear having discrepancies due to misinterpretation of compliance regulations by your coding partner which could jeopardize your company’s revenue integrity? In the intricate world of compliance regulations, misconceptions can cast shadows on revenue integrity,...

AI for a new age call centre

AI for a new age call centre

It’s not feasible to imagine the new-age contact centre technology without AI. AI is totally ahead from ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) and the elementary IVRs (Interactive Voice Response). In general, AI is defined as the ability of a machine to think, act and...

Comprehensive Services & Scalable Workforce

Exceeding Client metrics across key parameters

Annova’s risk adjustment services encompass records retrieval, HCC coding, quality of care measures, and value-added services. Our AI-enabled data aggregation process ingests unstructured data to create accurate chase lists for targeted retrievals. We are enriched with a team of subject-matter experts – certified coders with healthcare backgrounds like doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. We proactively identify high-risk coding practices, investigate root causes, and provide AI-analytics-powered solutions. 

Numbers which prove that we deliver

  • Coded lM+  charts in 2023 with over 95% coding accuracy
  • Retrieved 2M+ Records with 95%  completion rate
  • 100% client retention
  • Leadership boasting 200+ years of healthcare experience
  • 1000+ hours of Tech Enabled, SME driven training

We are V28 ready, are you?

Recognizing the impact of V28, Annova Solutions emphasizes accurate documentation and coding specificity as unspecified codes lose risk value. Our Proprietary QC System maximizes code specificity through targeted audits. With V28’s advent, we leverage our CDI, provider query, and education expertise to mitigate poor documentation’s negative impact. Utilizing NLP and LLM analytics, we’re equipped to navigate this challenging Risk Adjustment phase.


AI in medical coding is pushing boundaries.

Simply Medical coding and clinical documentation are ripe for innovation as coders and auditors spend countless hours parsing medical records…

AI, Robotics and Mixed Reality

Artificial Intelligence is a crucial component that boosts the power and capabilities of emerging technologies. It can transform industries and different aspects of society…

Generative AI and Voice Technology

Man to machine conversations are getting really interesting with machine understanding man better. You can even ask Alexa to find your phone…

Generative AI : Solving a Spectrum of Challenges in Healthcare

Simply put, the codes that ultimately end on claims tell the story of a patient’s encounter. Understanding a clinical encounter is extremely important for patient care and for keeping the doors open…

ChatGPT vs Bard.

Generative AI has never seen a contest like this. On one side, is the redoubtable OpenAI with Microsoft backing it, on the other side is the mighty Google, with Bard…

AI algorithmic biases that cause huge negative impact.

Truth is, there is no escaping algorithms.
If you have binge-watched Netflix, or dropped into an online store during lunch, you’ve put yourself at the mercy of algorithms. It’s almost impossible to…

Raining on ChatGPT’s parade

ChatGPT has been dominating the news, with people going ecstatic over its prowess. The list of things that ChatGPT can do effortlessly is growing, but the truth is that many a time it can be truly dumb…

Transformational AI in Healthcare.

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare has been groundbreaking, reshaping the way patients are diagnosed, treated and monitored…

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