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Partner with us and enhance the patient experience as you improve outcomes, reduce costs and increase cash flow. We deliver the highest accuracy of clinical data and analytics so that care providers can make informed decisions.

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Risk Adjustment Coding

Annova delivers sustainable bottom-line impact – that is the most critical objective we work with. We leverage best-in-class NLP engine-driven coding platforms, a large pool of experienced medical coders, and a time-tested service delivery engine to deliver high-quality HCC coding services at scale. And all this with the flexibility of scaling up and down – as you need it, when you need it.

Tech Support Services

We redefine the standard for excellence in Tech-Support Services tailored specifically for healthcare providers. As a dedicated partner in your technological journey, we understand the critical role that efficient and reliable technology plays in the delivery of high-quality patient care. Our comprehensive suite of tech-support services is designed to empower healthcare providers, streamline operations, and enhance the overall healthcare experience.

Our Commitment to Providers:

At Annova Solutions, we recognize that healthcare providers operate in a complex environment, where technology is instrumental in delivering timely and effective patient care. Our Tech-Support Services are centred around addressing the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers, ensuring seamless integration, optimal system performance, and a focus on patient-centric solutions.

Key Features of Our Tech-Support Services:

24/7 Technical Assistance: Our dedicated team of experienced technicians is available around the clock to provide immediate support and resolution to any technical issues. We understand the urgency of maintaining operational continuity, and our responsive support ensures minimal downtime for your critical systems.

System Integration and Optimization: Achieve optimal performance from your healthcare systems through our expert integration and optimization services. We ensure that your technology infrastructure is seamlessly integrated, offering a cohesive and efficient environment for delivering care.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Support: Navigate the complexities of Electronic Health Records with confidence. Our tech-support services include specialized assistance for EHR systems, ensuring data accuracy, system reliability, and compliance with industry standards.

Telemedicine Support: As telemedicine continues to play a crucial role in healthcare delivery, our tech-support services extend to the seamless operation of telehealth platforms. We provide support for video conferencing, remote monitoring, and other telemedicine functionalities to enhance your virtual care capabilities.

Cybersecurity Solutions: Protect your sensitive patient data with our robust cybersecurity solutions. Our tech-support services include proactive measures to safeguard against cyber threats, ensuring compliance with healthcare data protection regulations.

Revenue Cycle and Medical Billing Services

Physician-based coding services:

Real-time HCC coding services in a concurrent prospective environment.

CDI and provider education

CPT, HCPCS and ICD coding.

MIPS and APM measures for physician incentives.

Hospital-based coding

Assign ICD-10-PCS and ICD-10-CM codes

Use ICD-10 codes to assign a Medicare severity diagnosis-related group (MS-DRGs)

HEDIS domains and measures:

Effectiveness of Care

Access/Availability of Care

Experience of Care

Utilization and Risk Adjustment Utilization

Health Plan Descriptive Information

Measures Collected Using Electronic Clinical Data Systems

ACO measures :

Extracting measures for MIPS, APMs and MVPs to report the categories of:


Promoting interoperability

Improvement activities

Cost Effectiveness


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