Staying ahead of the curve by leveraging NLP outputs analysed by Gen AI

Performance is the best way to get noticed

Annova achieves significant numbers in terms of volume and return on investment (Rol) but evaluates performance solely through the lens of quality.

We are a Human-in-the-Loop BPM 4.0 company delivering continuous Rol by ensuring high quality coding practices. Drawing from a talent pool comprising nurses, pharmacists, and medical science graduates, a dedicated team of over 500 (Al Certified) HCC coders and subject matter experts (SMEs) has been meticulously trained through 1000+ hours of techenabled, SME-driven sessions. This team is fortified by a proprietary quality control (QC) system.

Staying ahead of the curve by leveraging NLP outputs analyzed by Gen AI

We’re passionate about tackling the evolving risk adjustment landscape spurred by V28 and the transition to Value-based care and interoperability. With years of expertise and cutting-edge technology at our disposal, we’re committed to one goal: delivering the utmost accuracy in our coding output. When unspecified ‘CDs fail to risk adjust, mere coding won’t suffice. Our proprietary QC system, through targeted internal coding audits, ensures maximum code specificity. Join us to learn more about our innovative approach!

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