Medical Record Retrieval: Annova’s In-Depth Pre-Verification Process 

A wellthoughtout first step in the right direction makes the rest of the journey smoother. This is as true in analytics as in a real journey, where a preliminary verification step can make a significant difference when researching medical records. This first step optimizes the next, the outreach process, resulting in a marked efficiency and notable saving on both time and costs. At Annova, this proactive and prescriptive approach to verification has resulted in higher conversion rates, reducing time and effort spent on invalid phone numbers and nonresponsive providers.

The verification process, based on advanced algorithms, has streamlined teams and improved project outcomes, with medical record retrieval rates exceeding 80%.

What is the Verification Process? 

Verification is the process of confirming the accuracy and affiliations of Offices, Hospitals, and Medical Groups, facilitating a more precise view of medical records retrieval requests and a more efficient outreach process.

Verification includes: 

Pre-Outreach Data: The primary objective is to locate the provider through client- provided and publicly available phone, TIN, and address information, and to consolidate retrieval efforts wherever possible.

Early Identification of “Chart Not Available”: Outreach agents can record negative provider responses (No Chart Available, Not My Patient) early in the process.

Identify Affiliations: Our early verification process works to identify locations affiliated with larger groups, centralized medical records storage, or third-party organizations.


Regular Outreach  Verification Team 
Verifies information based on Location ID, considers only the current request, and follows a descriptive verification approach. Verifies all possible affiliated and non-affiliated offices, identifies CMGs early, conducts merges and separations before regular outreach, verifies the correct office contact, address, and phone number, and follows a proactive and preventive verification approach, employing a prescriptive methodology.

The Benefits of Verification: 

Make Outreach More Efficient 

▸ Identify medical groups and centralized records. 

Verify correct facilities & contact information ahead of the full Outreach Process

Waste Reduction: 

Identify and remove invalid phone numbers. 

Reduce the queue of retrieval locations requiring further research. 

▸ Decrease non-responsive providers 

▸ Minimize cases of “Chart Not Available” with early outreach 

▸ Reduces the number of chart merges and splits late in the project 

▸ Eliminate redundant and unnecessary calls to an office

Annova advantages. More. 

We have experience working with the largest and best healthcare providers in the United States and one thing that we’ve learned is that each one is unique. So we’ve developed a collaborative process with every customer to deliver configurable solutions that best fit their special needs. 

Trust us to streamline your operations to the highest degree and cut down costs significantly. 

We are learning and improving continuously so that your outcomes are better and better.


Our Capabilities

▸  Record retrieval 

▸  Provider services 

▸  Risk-adjustment coding 

▸ NLP assisted coding 

▸ Clinical documentation improvement (CDI) 

▸  HEDIS measures

Some very reassuring numbers 

‣  500 + Certified Coders 

‣  500+ Record Retrieval Specialist 

‣  1M+ Chart Coded in 2023 

‣  1000+ hours of tech – enabled, SME driven training

‣ 5M+ Outreach call across 500,000 facilities and hospitals 

‣ 2M+ Medical Records retrieved 

‣ Successful research on 100,000 facilities to overcome the blocker and retrieve Records

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