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The United States stands as a pioneer in healthcare research, showcasing a formidable workforce and a plethora of research institutions dedicated to innovation. Acknowledging the pivotal significance of precise and current medical records for research endeavors, our client, a prominent figure in the healthcare industry, has underscored the imperative of securing accurate data. In a strategic move to enhance efficiency in obtaining medical records and to bolster medical research efforts, the client has forged a strategic partnership with Annova Solutions, an intermediary service provider.

Annova performs medical records retrieval for various health plans and other organizations for a variety of risk adjustments and quality reviews. As a team, we do research on providers, facilities, and CMGs with enriched US healthcare experience. The team is comprised of several roles such as Outreach Agents, Provider Verification Specialists, Escalation Experts, Project Team Leads, and Quality Evaluators.

Challenges in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare research critically hinges on access to comprehensive and precise data. Despite the robust healthcare research workforce in the US and substantial funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), acquiring patient information for research purposes has presented notable challenges. The process of retrieving medical records from multiple facilities, while adhering to stringent HIPAA guidelines and ensuring efficiency, has proven to be intricate and time- consuming.

Researching and reaching out to the correct facilities: Identifying suitable healthcare facilities for collaboration can be time consuming and requires thorough research.

Working on multiple projects and meeting their SLAs: Balancing workload across various projects while ensuring timely completion to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) can be challenging.

Report building with busy facilities in EST time zone: Coordinating with facilities in the Eastern Time zone for report generation can be challenging due to their busy schedules.

Working on locations with high chart count: Dealing with facilities that have a high volume of medical charts to process requires efficient handling and resource allocation.

Adding more roles within the team: Expanding the team and integrating new roles necessitates careful planning and adjustment to ensure smooth operation and collaboration.

Annova Solution’s Expertise

Annova Solutions, leveraging its proficiency in medical record retrieval and data management, emerged as the ideal partner for our client, understanding the critical importance of timely and accurate access to medical records for healthcare research. Acting as an intermediary, Annova efficiently liaised with dozens of facilities, ensuring compliance with HIPAA guidelines while alleviating the burden of record retrieval.

Furthermore, within our organization, we have delineated various levels of expertise to optimize performance. Our frontline Level 1 agents, assuming the role of Outreach Agents, serve as the initial point of contact. Progressing to Level 2 teams such as L2 Escalation Experts and the Provider Verification Specialists, we witness a focus on handling complex issues and ensuring precision. The performance of our Quality Evaluators and the invaluable support provided by our Project Team Lead further contribute to the seamless operation and success of our endeavors.

In summary, Annova Solutions’ adeptness in medical record retrieval, coupled with our organization’s structured approach to expertise levels, ensures efficient and accurate support for our client’s healthcare research objectives.

At Annova, our extensive training yields industry experts ready to handle the challenges of the record retrieval process. Prior to live certification, trainees must fulfill client-provided Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). We’re progressing towards a tech-driven training approach, leveraging recorded sessions to clarify doubts and deepen understanding of the US healthcare.

Our MRR Journey

Our journey begins in 2019 with a small batch of full-time employees which switfly doubled within the year. Throughout the collaboration, Annova consistently exceeded Service Level Agreements (SLAs), delivering successful projects ahead of schedule in 2020.

In 2021, Annova achieved 100% on all SLAs for our first projects led by our in-house Project Team Leads and obtained approval to onboard additional FTEs to meet growing project demands. In 2022 we instituted our L2 Escalation Team, comprised of four area experts and focused on troubleshooting to ensure effective issue resolution.

By 2023, Annova established our Quality Evaluation team and initiated a pilot for our Provider Verification team, a group of experts which has since tripled in size. Their primary role is to maintain the accuracy of medical group information, segregating standalone facilities from consolidated data to enhance outreach effectiveness.

Annova Solutions continues to grow and develop our roles, processes, and technology to maximize efficient medical record retrieval.


Some very Reassuring numbers

  • 500 + Certified Coders

  • 500 + Record Retrieval Specialist

  • 1M + Chart Coded in 2023

  • 1000+ hours of tech – enabled, SME driven training
  • 5M+ Outreach call across 500,000 facilities and hospitals

  • 2M+ Medical Records retrieved

  • Successful research on 100,000 facilities to overcome the blocker and retrieve Records

Growth Journey at Annova

Annova Solutions values hiring, training, and keeping talented people. We look for candidates with expertise in health care related fields. We make sure our team has the right skills through careful selection and training programs. We provide practical experiences like role-playing and mock calls to help our team grow.

We promote from within, so many of our leaders started in lower positions. This makes employees feel valued and motivated to work hard, knowing there are opportunities to move up in the company.


Annova Solutions prioritizes hiring, training, and retaining skilled professionals, particularly those with healthcare-related expertise. Through comprehensive training programs and a focus on practical experiences, we ensure our team is equipped to excel. Our culture of promoting from within fosters loyalty and motivation among employees, providing clear paths for advancement within the organization.

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