Video Annotation

Video annotation or video labeling is the process of adding annotations to videos. The main purpose of video annotation is to make it easier for computers that utilize AI-powered algorithms to identify objects in videos. Properly annotated videos create high-quality reference database that can be used by computer vision-enabled systems to accurately identify objects such as cars, people, and animals. With an ever-increasing number of everyday tasks becoming reliant on computer vision, the importance of video annotation cannot be overemphasized.

Almost all modern businesses or industries can make use of video annotation in one way or another. As more and more of the systems we rely on become powered by AI, the list of applications for video annotation will continue to expand .A good example of video annotation in the medical sector is the ability of computer vision to help medical practitioners and scientists identify objects seen under a microscope. Computer vision can be used to identify specific cell types and other biological elements accurately, which can help both patients and doctors.