Key Highlights

September 29, 2023

Client: A leading research agency.

Assignment: A detailed overview of the product demand and satisfaction in the food industry by analyzing social media comments

Target audience: Europe and American markets

The assignment Snapshot: Gather consumer insights and establish a feedback loop which allows direct interaction between companies and consumers. This demonstrates that the company values customer opinions and is dedicated to delivering a better experience. Data driven insights also contribute significantly to product refinements.

Business context: Get business-critical insights from unstructured text data like emails, online reviews, social media posts to assess customer satisfaction, measure ratings, and more.

Annotation done: 50,000 + entries processed with 99.99% accuracy.

Key challenge: The enormous amount of unstructured data to be traced online and label the same for further consumption of the client without any bias and errors.

Results: Project delivered well on time. Repeat businessfrom the client.

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