Data Labeling Operations

  • Data Labeling Operations
Annotation And Training Of Data For A US-Based Client

US-based sports and entertainment technology company that focuses on creating innovative technology solutions to derive data that in turn helps the players to improve their experience and performance. The objective of the project was to assist the client with data labeling services to further build its machine learning model.

Business Finance Operations

  • Business Finance Operations
Sales And Business Solutions For An Australian Client

We connect Australian SMEs to the right finance & financial technology solutions. With operations across Australia & India, we are well-positioned to connect businesses to our preferred partners. We apply a customized digital strategy to connect with small business owners and our connection with these SMEs provides a powerful platform to deliver value-added solutions and in turn, be a reliable partner in the growth journey of many businesses.

Contact Center Operations

  • Contact Center Operations
Provider Outreach For US-Based Client

This client has a team of 300+ outreach consultants operating from different locations in the US and the Philippines. The basic goal is to increase the outreach of the client’s team through various channels.